The "code " is in fact a set of 4 rules of interaction between "tornadoes" having different chirality and directions.

Helical Geometrodynamics, as Unified Theory, has exactly that code at its center.

  • Bosons, fermions and predons, 3 classes of particles or clusters with any dimension, in unified fields theory (new time-space concept).
  • The ability of matter to flow self-optimized in lines (tornadoes, strings) and tornado layers.
  • Introduction of gravity in the standard model (atomic structure explained). 
  • String theories now receive all the answers, hidden phenomena such as induction, coupling, decoupling, attraction or rejection make sense.
  • Using Vc, Vi, Vf, the 3 universal and constraint parameters of the Fundamental Code, the revealing nature of the universal attraction force.
  • Highlighting Vc, Vi, Vf at universal scale by explicit mechanisms of dynamics at any dimensional level, either planetary or atomic (universality of the Fundamental Code ).
  •  The combination of messenger particles / witness and ascertain the type of links pointing after constitutive nature of circulation E.F.T.
  • From Earth to DNA, the 3 types of independent links and Helical Geometrodynamics.

*** The understanding of "The Fundamental Code", after downloading the Helical Geometrodynamics (Unified Theory), will be possible if the first steps have initiated a new and open way of thinking.