Free project about the key of the Universe in a new time-space concept. 

update - 22 / 07 / 2024 *** Please, for a better understanding, follow the order of the first steps, otherwise it is possible that everything you read, from now on, would seem to be a science fiction or a good joke!

 THE FUNDAMENTAL CODE, the central point of the Unified Theory, the natural self-assembling or who God is!  Romanian Academy published, for the first time, the key of Universe!

Unified Theory  - unitary thinking, the superimposed vision of the two variants.

   The Unified Theory has, for the first time, the ability to explain, in a unitary way, the two visions of exploring the fundamental Universe! From now on, both cerebral hemispheres, producing different perceptions of the surrounding world, initiates a real paradigm shift! Although it seems an obvious impossibility, a utopia, from now on we can understand absolutely everything. Due to the fact that the two cerebral hemispheres have, natively, a different organic structure, their specialization on different functions, over time, was inevitable. Practically, the two different visions of the surrounding world have always existed, of course there are differences between the two degrees of development of the two hemispheres. It was obvious that the two different visions of the same reality were only two shadows of the same reality. It was quite clear that, in order to understand reality, we had to superimpose the visions of the two concepts, superimpose the geometries of the two layers and see a clear picture.The search for a similarity, a connecting element, was, in the beginning, an assumption. The beginning was with "if we assume that...". I assumed that there is a single key, "a spiral geometry", which could be identified in both areas. This key, through development, would produce similar structures (as geometry) that could have "complementary shadows". Recomposing each time these two shadows, from both directions, I could see a real image. The holographic principle, of recomposing an image from separate images, is similar.

   In order to be able to overlap the two visions, the rational one ( - I - scientific) and the intuitive one ( - II - religious), a fundamental change in the way of thinking is needed, a change in the perception of the environment. Consciousness has a decisive role, through its ability to overlap these two layers and form a new perspective, one from which you can see very clearly... everything. Although it seems an impossibility, this is extremely simple, but it is a simplicity that... no one looks for it anymore, can no longer recognize it! That is why it is not necessary to prepare the consciousness with scientific or religious notions, but on the contrary, a detachment from these two visions is needed. The indoctrination, the exacerbation through the insistence of following only one of the two visions, leads to the impossibility of a third vision, the one that appears on a "free field"! Neither the followers of science nor the religious followers could understand you, their consciousness already being... "programmed"!

Dozens of fundamental principles of construction that are the basis of a radical transformation of life, at any dimensional scale.

The Unified Theory would have been impossible to build in the current concepts of physics. Therefore, the introduction of new concepts completes the general framework and allows the development of the fundamental principles on which the entire Universe is built! This can disarm any less courageous reader. Distrust, labeling from the start as a "pseudoscience", is the moment of a failure to understand the fundamental notions and principles that govern the cosmos.

The new concept about space and time is now a complete concept. Helical Geometrodynamics is a theory of fundamental principles that build the foundation of our three-dimensional universe. None of these principles are in current science, so open thinking is needed! In order to understand both the world seen and the unseen world, geometric laws were needed. The geometric key is valid at any dimensional scale and now it can be seen with the open eyes!

The new time-space concept for our 3D Universe

Geometrodynamic time and geometrodynamic mass (brand new concepts in Unified Theory)

Without the definition of a new concept of mass, in the Unified Theory, the construction of the Standard Model would have been impossible. By opening systemic flows, through IN/OUT, the new concept of geometrodynamic mass becomes a logical consequence!

 The new space-time concept, in the Unified Theory, defines geometrodynamic time as a parameter associated with all geometries transformation processes. Systems that do not change their geometry over time, the processes being static, have a geometrodynamic time equal to zero!

Information - helical flow constants of the superfluid universe, of the vortex tubes and of the constitutive vortex lines

In the mechanics of superfluids, an engineer discovers a new and amazing constant that forms a conservation law inside the flows through the vortex tubes and the vortex lines that compose it. Thus, it is shown that all the information that enters or leaves a black, white hole or a wormhole, is a constant. At this point Stephen Hawking's intuition about black hole information is outdated!

" In our transport systems, we can observe that the principle of a minimal volume, of the same mass, is a fundamental condition. It can be a car or a commercial ship, size does not matter, the geometric principle is the same in any transport rule. In nature, the geometry is in fact the information. We observe it, understand it and after, extracting the principle. The Kepler conjecture optimizes the spheres arrangement in a minimum volume, the tetrahedron. In a dynamic geometry we can observe several tetrahedrons flows. Much more, we have 2 distinct helical chirality of this chain of tetrahedrons that are flowing. Starting with the observation of nature, extended to entire observable world and, further, to the intuitive flow fields, the most observable common geometry of transport is the helical shape. It appears that everything tends to build up a lot of wormholes, helical flows. For short distances, the local transport has the same behaviour, a local helical motion. Even is a long or short distance, there is a mass transport in helical geometry. We found 4 fundamental rules of helical interactions, named The Fundamental Code. It became the fundamental principle as a set of rules in nature design, from sub-atomic clusters to galactic clusters. Any theory of natural world, new or old, must to include this "helical key", the geometric shape of all natural self-optimized transports. For this reason was started the Unified Fields Theory - Helical Geometrodynamics, in a new time-space concept. "