The same unique reality can be seen differently but the fundamental matrix is the same.

HELICAL GEOMETRODYNAMICS  is much more than a theory, for the first time it became a reality. This project is in progress and includes the final book (in romanian-2020). You can see "LIVE" the evolution of this...final theory. The project will modify the self-consciousness of readers who deeply understand it. This extended awareness will grow beyond microscope and telescope limits (minimum and maximum). The intuition, the most powerful tool of human thinking, will be the engine which will change your understanding about creation of the entire Universe. The key of everything was decrypted, the single one which opens all locked doors, from everywhere, from anytime! Its name is Helical Geometrodynamics. Exploring all religions, as an ancient source of life or Universe research, I found that all symbols, no exception, describe the fundamental geometry of everything. The same all science and ..."crop circles". The human behavior ("crop circles"), what humanity made in the entire history, is based on an unique geometry, a helical one! So as all mineral, animals, plants, galaxies...have the same helical geometry. This name is E.F.T. (Fundamental Helix of Transport). Any fundamental particle, or cluster, has a helix path, in movement from A point to B point. This geometric transport key ensures energy efficiency, being the only geometry that produces self-organization of fluid flow systems.