A new and complete concept about unification

Open your mind and follow my steps!

There are two directions to research the universe, our origins in this world. The first direction is based on the known reality, on the scientific exploration within the minimum and maximum limits of the perceptible dimensions of the Universe. The second is an ancient, intuitive one that builds more on the perceptions of human thought and not on reality. This second direction is intuitive, beyond what we can know, beyond the microscope or the telescope.  At this point the only key linking the two exploration directions is a ... geometric key! In a dynamic universe, the geometric key of its construction is present both in all science and in world religions. The geometric keys, both on the "scientific layer" and on the "religious layer," when overlapping appear to coincide in a proportion of 99.9%. At this point some of you can recognize this key, but some of you will not succeed. This phenomenon can be assimilated as a passage under the gate of knowledge, as overcoming a barrier, a kind of filter, a sorting! Indoctrination, scientific or religious, has a boomerang effect. You have to give up all the known things, just so you can understand faster.

You have often heard that the Universe is very difficult to understand. You have been told, many times, that there is a limit called "God" that can not be overcome.
It's time to hear something else!

The limit that you believe to be the upper limit of knowledge is actually the "0" level of knowing the fundamental Universe. Now you are in area "B" and you have to cross the gate, in area "A", to understand.

This Universe is a gigantic system that assembles itself according to strict rules called geometric keys. Because the Universe is flowing, it's a dynamic system, these keys are actually gemetrodynamic keys . Whoever understands these keys will understand who is "God" and will have access to the "tree of knowledge"!
This is possible by following some steps:
I - The First Step (scientific world) - A small test that puts in front of you the "geometric key", from a scientific perspective.
II - Second Step (intuitive world) - Four documentaries, four films about the "geometric key", from an intuitive, religious perspective.
These two steps say the same thing about the same geometry... but from two different perspectives.

III - The Third Step (Constructal Theory) - This is the useful theory of fluid mechanics, the flow of systems and their ability to conserve energy through repeated self-adjustments of flow geometry. This is a precursor stage in understanding the Unified Theory. Unified Theory is a theory of principles of self-optimized flows of the superfluid Universe. Flows, at the fundamental level, are self-optimized under geometrodynamic laws, called " fundamental code ".

*** The study and then the understanding of unified theory, after downloading, will be possible if the first steps have initiated a new and open way of thinking.