The customized book

The Fundamental Universe

The book, The Fundamental Universe - Unification of constructive principles, is now available. Writing mode is a common one and not an academic one so the book can be easily understood. 75 pages are FREE but for the printed and complete version, see details below!

Since the book is printed only to order and under your own signature, it cannot be returned! A copy identification number and the name of the person who placed the order are written/printed on the back of the cover. The author's original signature appears inside the work.

  • The first 75 pages (from 340 pages) are available for free.
  • It is written in romanian. (in english from 2025)
  • Parts of the two previous published papers are no longer available.
  • The structure and chapters will be changed, new chapters will be added.
  • New data on fundamental torsional waves (U.F.T) through tornado drift mechanics, an essential dynamics for local helical transport.
  • New information about the ability of matter to flow self-optimized in lines (tornadoes, strings) and tornado layers.
  • Experiments and "strange" devices will be presented.
  • Unusual experiments, revealing the fundamental nature of unseen flows, will be published.
  • Every book will be customized with an identification number, the name of the reader / buyer and author signature, parts of them appearing on the back cover.
  •      PRICE    75E + shipping (Europe 15E)
  •  IBAN - bank transfer - after your command

Generation of Flying Electromagnetic Donuts

Transverse electromagnetic/gravitomagnetic plane waves are fundamental solutions of Maxwell's equations. It is less known that a radically different type of solutions has been described theoretically, but has never been realized experimentally(until now), that exist only in the form of short burst of electromagnetic/gravitomagnetic energy propagating in free-space at the speed of light. They are distinguished from transverse waves by a donut-like configuration of electric and magnetic fields/magnetic and gravitational, with a strong field component along the propagation direction. Here, we/I report that such "Flying Donuts" can be generated from conventional pulses using a singular metamaterial/device converter designed to manipulate both the spatial and spectral structure of the input pulse. The ability to generate Flying Donuts is of fundamental interest, as they shall interact with matter in unique ways, including non-trivial field transformations upon reflection from interfaces and the excitation of toroidal response and anapole modes in matter, thus offering new opportunities for telecommunications, sensing, and spectroscopy.