Study these experiments only after reading both books, The Fundamental Universe(2009-20016) and The Fundamental Law of Creation(2009-2016).

E.F.T. - The Fundamental Helix of Transfer

The most efficient transfer, from A point to B point, is a fundamental geometry, a helical one.

Experiments, from the whole science, involuntarily validate helical geometrodynamics. Various fields of research, from atomic physics to astrophysics, each approach to the same common point. The efficiency of superfluid universe flows means the self-organization of its flows, by a unique geometric key.

The Coanda effect and the Magnus effect analyze two systems in interaction, namely a solid sphere and an external fluid environment. In both cases, the action of transforming the sphere transport dynamics due to the external environment action is not evidenced. The Preda effect is the effect that highlights the trajectory transformation in the helical trajectories of all systems when moving under the "tractor" action through a fluid medium. Thus, from subatomic systems to planetary systems, in their transport, sooner or later they will enroll on helical tracts, the Preda effect being a natural result of self-optimization of transport.