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The Fundamental Universe Project
The incredible simplicity, without formulas and accessible to everyone, an amazing theory describes
the construction mechanism of everything.
LIVE & FREE project
Unified Fields Theory & Practice, in General Relativity for...everybody!
"I have enough power to change history, are YOU ready?"
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HELICAL GEOMETRODYNAMICS in a new time-space concept
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by Romanian Copyright Office, recorded in National Works Register the work
“Universe Foundament”
”Fundamental Law of Creation”.
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Copyright © 2009-2018 DANIEL GEORGEL PREDA
Dupa instalare din START, stanga jos pe desktop, \Programs\WoodyCAD\ Activare+Cum incepem?
WoodyCAD7 -Solid - FREE FREE from 27.09.2007 BEGINNERS - Password: "popescu" - Serial CD: "NOCD" WoodyCAD8 - Suporter - FREE from 27.01.2009 ADVANCED - Password: "start" - Serial CD: "NOCD"
PAROLA de instalare, pentru toti cei ce au un DVD WoodyCAD9 Dupa plata licentei si primirea DVD-ului, rularea la o minima capacitate face posibila exemplificarea modului de lucru. Variantele VIDEO de prezentare sunt deosebit de folositoare, viteza fiind redusa pentru a intelege mai bine cum functioneaza. Costul LICENTEI se poate negocia, in functie de societate, persoana fizica, nr. licente, etc. Numai dupa plata LICENTEI se va transmite codul de licenta si DVD- ul(CD-ul), asigurand activarea tuturor functiilor WoodyCAD. DACA NU VA DESCURCATI AVETI ASISTENTA 24/24 la..."Contact"
Autorul proiectului Fundamentul Universului va ofera gratuit 2 variante ale programului WoodyCAD, un plug-in pentru AutoCAD.
Variantele " download" nu includ : - Prezentari complexe(video) WoodyCAD. - WoodyCAD versiune completa. - Texturi PAL, biblioteci accesorii. - Desene exemplificare. - Program PlanIQ-demo pentru optimizare debitare plana. - Proiecte executate/baza de date
V9 + Plus speed (x3),optimized commands. V10+ Split accesories menu (use 1024x768/Laptop resolution) + NEW 20 positons (Stand-by) TOTAL 80 accesories type. V11 + Limitations for interior sides drawers. + Drawers with all pieces from malaminated panel. V12 + Command black/white background for the MODEL space (<BAW> hide command) + WoodyCAD now ...speak to you... (All commands doubled with real time english translation/ROBO-VOICE) V13 + Group parts, dimensions and accessories into a cabinet with same name. (If already exist WoodyCAD do not group)<GPW> + Explode any cabinet selected <XGPW> + Purge all cabinets created with WoodyCAD (not with "GROUP" command) (<PUGW> hiden command) + Cover option ,in fiber sense - Example: All rear panel sides will be covered. V14+ Cabinets and parts named without limits.(not only number, as you wish) V15 + 3 powerfull commands: CP3S ,CP1B new cabinets with extra TOP dimension and socle based. BCP - A single rear PANEL (applied or interior)
V16 + Divide (no limit) with horizontal drawers: <Metabox> command V17 + Eliminate couting data, not need an external program. V18 + Material menu, panel thickness,panel and rear colour, EDGES colour V19 + All data extracted in a modified EXCEL Report, 7 new sheets ,sheets thickness V20 to V27 + BLOCK LIBRARY MANAGER - WoodyCAD8-too.- 10 POWERFULL commands - to build and manage your own Libraries- few seconds to build thousand of SLIDES and .dwg blocks. V28 + HYBRID concept - build cabinets with different thickness <cp1>,<cp1b>,<cp3s> HYBRID capable V29+ ISO concept - Place text list near cabinets. <WoodyTB> Place a text near object selection set V30 + <plqXL> Place a TABLE with data from any .csv file, WoodyCAD exported or not, ISO concept. V31 + NEW 3 AutoCAD template,A4 templates, the 4 area can be reserved for text or table
burn-dvd.jpg burn-dvd.jpg 22MB 44MB
WoodyCAD15 - Profesional -
600Euro fara T.V.A.


Produs tip plug-in pe platforma AutoCAD. Versiune minima preinstalata - AutoCAD 2006.
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