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The Fundamental Universe Project
The incredible simplicity, without formulas and accessible to everyone, an amazing theory describes the construction mechanism of everything.
LIVE & FREE Project
2017 ... more incredible devices
Copyright © 2009-2016 DANIEL GEORGEL PREDA
Unified Fields Theory & Practice, in General Relativity for...everybody!
"I have enough power to change history, are YOU ready?"
Copyright © 2009-2017 DANIEL GEORGEL PREDA
HELICAL GEOMETRODYNAMICS in a new time-space concept
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GOVERNMENT OF ROMANIA, by Romanian Copyright Office, recorded in National Works Register the work “Universe Foundament” and ”Fundamental Law of Creation”.
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Causing a giant leap of human civilization, the unification of all that exists, an "earthquake" with the epicenter in Romania, hit simultaneously science and religions of the world!
"I have enough power to change history, are ...YOU ready ?"
AutoCAD plug-in... for Furniture Industry
Helical Geometrodynamics, ...The Fundamenal Universe Project
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Productie profesionala AUDIO-VIDEO
HELICAL GEOMETRODYNAMICS - UNIFIED FIELDS THEORY, a NEW and COMPLETE time-space concept, developed in the simplest possible theory, has the power to appoint the owner of unconventional technology ...ROMANIA.
Biochemist Erik D. Andrulis Department of Molecular Biology and Microbiology, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, Cleveland, USA, confirms Fundamental Law of Creation, first part of the romanian unified theory, published in 2009!
Oreste.jpg theory, for free, from download menu...
The Geometry and Dynamics of the superfluid universe are subject to the same fundamental and universal pattern, The Fundamental Helix of Transfer (E.F.T.)
Attack of science...
Religion attack...
On a TV show a physics professor and a priest, allies but powerless .. in front of the romanian engineer!
Not science, not religion ... much more than both, together!
Are you ready?
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Helical Geometrodynamics in... a new time-space concept. * bosons, fermions and predons, 3 classes of particles or clusters with any dimension, in unified fields theory (new time-space concept). * Introduction of gravity in the standard model (atomic structure explained) * Using Vc, Vi, Vf, the 3 universal and constraint parameters of the Fundamental CODE, the revealing nature of the universal attraction force. * Highlighting Vc, Vi, Vf at universal scale by explicit mechanisms of dynamics at any dimensional level, either planetary or atomic. (universality of the FUNDAMENTAL CODE ) * The combination of messenger particles / witness and ascertain the type of links pointing after constitutive nature of circulation E.F.T. * From Earth to DNA, the 3 types of independent links and Helical Geometrodynamics.
Incredible concepts in general relativity for space & time...
Much more than any string theory ...or twistor theory...
Much more than any theory of loop quantum gravity... or strand theory...
A single and simple theory destroys all concepts about the construction of the entire universe...
Much more than 400 pages and nothing in common with the entire science...
Much more YOU dare to imagine or dream..
IN TESTS: (nothing in common with actual science) 1)- the most powerful gun in the world (instantly electrostatic charging any target at incredible distance) 2) - gravity propulsion, (using reactive force of the gun!) 3) - cellular regeneration, speed up minimal +800% and more. (back to the most young memory cell)
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dipl.eng. DanIEL-GEORGEL Preda
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